Sometimes, it seems like the entire world is down. All of us. The refrain of change has faded or flared into anger. The economy’s story is told in a faltering line that peters down and to the right. As nations rush to arm, and wars drag on with little hope in sight, it’s easy to worry that our best days are behind us. We often feel like the entourage of a fading rapper, watching an energetic kid step into the cipher and knowing our man just can’t hack it anymore. read more about Longshot

Selected Articles

An American Anniversary

Despite what you may have heard, the real America is not all white.

Arctic by Air

People have been attempting to cross the arctic north in hot air balloons for more than 100 years.

Been Here for Years

Social network use among Internet users ages 50 and older has nearly doubled over the past year.

Gleaned from Encyclopedia Brown

You’re lying through a hole in your head. I’ve heard better ones from a horse with lockjaw.

Going for Seconds

I met JB under a very short bridge nearly a decade ago. He was wearing a dejected look I would never see on him again.

Light That Never Goes Out

Trick Candles: birthday candles that re-light themselves after you've blown them out.

Perpetual Emotion Machine

Everyone knows professional wrestling is scripted. What most people don’t know is that there's only one script.

Proof of Life

In 2005 she was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was treatable without radiation or chemotherapy.

Sit, Stay, Soar

The wonder and horror of flight was first experienced by animals.

This Isn't Why You're Fat

Anything that’s been around as long as butter is bound to go in and out of style. In the centuries we’ve been churning, butter has been looked upon as barbaric, low-class, and most recently, unhealthy.

Which Celebrity Comeback

Take the quiz and find out.